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U14 National Indoor Tournament Schedule

The schedule has been posted for the U14 National Indoor Tournament in Lancaster, PA. View the schedule below.

U14 TCOYO Shanti Schedule - Pool B

Friday, February 19

2:45 pm Boston vs TCOYO Field 2

Saturday, February 20

9:00 am TCOYO vs Jersey Intensity Field 5

12:45 pm Shutter's Brigade vs TCOYO Field 7

Sunday, February 21

9:45 am TCOYO vs Firestyx Field 5

3:45 pm TCOYO vs Maine Majestix Field 8

U14 TCOYO Zen Schedule - Pool F

Friday, February 19

5:45 pm M Malik Stars vs TCOYO Zen Field 2

9:30 pm TCOYO Zen vs Electric Surge Field 3

Saturday, February 20

3:45 pm DE Shore vs TCOYO Zen Field 6

7:30 pm TCOYO Zen vs Texas Pride Field 1

Sunday, February 21

2:15 pm Xcalibur Pegasus vs TCOYO Zen Field 6

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