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2016 President's Day Tournament

The schedule has been posted for the Presidents Day Tournament in Sarasota, FL. View the schedule below.

U19 Schedule

Saturday, February 13

8:00 am Doral FH vs TCOYO Field 5

12:00 pm New Heights vs TCOYO Field 5

Sunday, February 14

9:00 am TCOYO vs Charlotte Ambush Field 13

1:00 pm Total Dutch vs TCOYO Field 14

Monday, February 15

10:00 am Jackals vs TCOYO Field 4

12:00 pm TCOYO vs Mystx Storm Field 6

U16 Schedule

Saturday, February 13

9:00 am TCOYO Chi vs Team Chesapeake Field 13

11:00 am TCOYO Chi vs Stealth Stars Field 12

Sunday, February 14

8:00 am NE Strikers vs TCOYO Chi Field 10

12:00 pm TCOYO Chi vs Charlotte Ambush Field 11

Monday, February 15

8:00 am Lanco Premier vs TCOYO Chi Field 13

12:00 pm SJ Edge Black vs TCOYO Chi Field 14

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