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Take Care Of Your Own

Education. Positive Relationships and Experiences. Communication. Commitment. Respect.

Our Mission

Achieving our vision will require the collective efforts of the local field hockey community in the Virginia Beach and surrounding areas. This community includes the parents, local coaches, the business community, and many volunteers within the TCOYO program. All members of the community have a part to play.



"To encourage, promote, develop and administer hockey at all levels in order for TCOYO field hockey to become a national club leader.  This will be done through managing TCOYO programs and maximizing participation and promoting the love of the sport."

Our Formation

2010 - present

TCOYO field hockey was created to provide Virginia with a field hockey experience that gives players an opportunity to play hockey from junior levels through elite competition, including National level showcases. We want to ensure that TCOYO field hockey achieves consistent success, a strong positive public profile, and continuing player and spectator support at all levels.


2010 - present

Our Goals

Our Virginia based field hockey club presents a training program for those athletes who aspire to compete on the highest level in this rapidly growing sport. Various levels of training are arranged to accommodate individual players. Participation at team level is offered to those who qualify to participate in tournament play. Ambitious, qualified players also have the unique experience of playing in major tournaments all around the country.

Our Values

•Positive Relationships and Experiences

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