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U16 National Indoor Tournament Schedule

The schedule has been posted for the U16 National Indoor Tournament in Lancaster, PA. View the schedule below.

U16 TCOYO Chakra Schedule - Pool P

Friday, March 4

12:30 pm Mystx Force vs TCOYO Chakra Field 3

Saturday, March 5

8:15 am TCOYO Chakra vs ME Mahestix Black Field 6

10:30 am ADK vs TCOYO Chakra Field 5

Sunday, March 6

7:30 am TCOYO Chakra vs Viper Field 6

11:15 am WC Eagles VII vs TCOYO Chakra Field 2

U16 TCOYO Chi Schedule - Pool B

Friday, March 4

1:15 pm Stealth Renegades vs TCOYO Chi Field 3

Saturday, March 5

7:30 am TCOYO Chi vs PA Mavericks Teal Field 2

9:00 am North End E Gold vs TCOYO Chi Field 6

Sunday, March 6

9:00 am TCOYO Chi vs WC Eagles III Field 5

3:00 0m Xcalibur V vs TCOYO Chi Field 1

U16 TCOYO Prana Schedule - Pool Q

Friday, March 4

1:15 pm SJ Edge Black vs TCOYO Prana Field 6

Saturday, March 5

10:30 am TCOYO Prana vs New Heights Blue Field 3

12:45 pm Charlotte Ambush vs TCOYO Prana Field 8

Sunday, March 6

7:30 am TCOYO Prana vs The Gaels Dublin Field 3

10:30 am WC Eagles Z vs TCOYO Prana Field 4

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