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TCOYO Halloween Camping

TCOYO Hockey's Annual Halloween Camping trip is set!

On Saturday, October 7th, adults ONLY. All parents are welcome to join as us by the campfire. We will start at 7 pm and you can stay as long as you want.

On Saturday, October 8th, we will start at 3:30 pm with a cookout followed by Trick or Treating at 6 pm! Make sure you bring your best Halloween costume and camping gear! The whole family is welcome to join in the night activities and stay to camp the night away.

Sandy will take the girls trick or treating while the parents can sit by the fire and catch up with one another. Following trick or treating we can visit the haunted house, join in the haunted scavenger hunt, or take part in the Halloween Dance Party! There will be an adult staying overnight with the players.

Cost: One bag of candy or firewood.


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