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TCOYO Hockey in College

Tatum Humpries, Ashely Huddleston, Kassie Paul, Emersen Miller, Abby Williams, Alex Gordon, Lauren Sanford
Class of 2023 (not all are pictured)

We are halfway through the NCAA College Field Hockey Season, and we are excited to cheer on our TCOYO Alums as the head into the heart of conference play.

Class of 2023 pictured above.

L to R: Tatum Humpries, Ashely Huddleston, Kassie Paul, Emersen Miller, Abby Willams, Alex Gordon, Lauren Sanford. Not all players are pictured.


TCOYO Hockey has 25 student-athletes currently competing in top NCAA Division I (17 players), Division II (1 players), Division III (7 players) programs in 6 states and several players participating in their college club teams.

“Our alumni are a talented group of student-athletes who are accomplished on the field and in the classroom,” said Sandy Szilassy, Co-Founder. “I am proud of each player and look forward to watching them grow at the next level. I wish them well as they continue to work hard to achieve their dreams athletically and academically.”

Be sure to check out their game schedule and cheer them on this season!


Lauren Boucher - University of Mary Washington

Tori Carawan - James Madison University

Charlotte DeVries - Syracuse University

Anna-Kate Domingue - Northeastern University

Stevie Drum - University of Richmond

Marley Edenfield - Limestone University

Joelie Erwin - Christopher Newport University

Anne Burns Fiveash - University of Richmond

Alex Gordon - Hofstra University

Samantha Grimes - James Madison University

Taylor Hester - Bryn Mawr College

Ashely Huddleson - American University

Tatum Humpries - University of Lynchburg

Ashley Kim - Yale University

Devin Kinzel - Temple University

Gracie Norair - Duke University

Kassie Paul - Appalachian State University

Madison Rowell - Gettysburg College

Lauren Sanford - Bucknell University

Bella Schroeder - University of Mary Washington

Abby Spear - Duke University

Rachel Thetford - Wake Forest University

Abby Williams - Colgate University

Paige Wilson - Stevenson University

Sam Zywna - Old Dominion University

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